Simple Chinese Spoken Clearly

Immersive Chinese is a simple but effective method for learning practical spoken Chinese.


High-Quality Audio

More than 6000 crystal-clear audio recordings form more than 180 carefully written lessons.

Logical Progression

The lessons are carefully designed so that you are never confronted with an unfamiliar word.

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Slow Audio

Separate recordings are available for beginner content, one normal speed and one extra-slow.

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Powerful Revision Features

Repetition Training is the perfect way to embed newly-learned content in your memory.

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Offline Use

Audio is saved to your device and can be batch downloaded, allowing for 100% offline use.

Highly Customisable

Make detailed adjustments of all aspects of lesson content and audio playback.

Natural and Intuitive Way to Learn Spoken Chinese

The Serial Course contains months worth of content and is designed to take you from absolute beginner all the way to intermediate level. It starts out with extremely simple sentences and gently builds on that, only introducing new material very gradually. The content is carefully designed so that you are never confronted with a word you don't know. The aim of the course is to give you the essential building blocks for forming practical sentences of your own. It naturally integrates spaced repetition so that as you move forward you are continually revising previous content.

Designed to be as Practical as Possible

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Choice of Characters

All Chinese content is available in both simplified and traditional characters.

Perfect Pronunciation

Audio is recorded by a professional broadcaster using high-grade equipment.

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Properly-Spaced Pinyin

Pinyin text is written manually and uses correct word segmentation.

Detailed Notes

Notes and definitions provide extra detail where required.

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Custom Study Lists

Save custom lists of words and sentences and review them in Repetition Training.

Integrated User Accounts

User data is saved to your account and can be accessed on any device or platform.

Powerful Revision Features

Research into language acquisition has shown that repetition of comprehensible content is one of the most effective ways of learning a language. Repetition Training is a core feature of Immersive Chinese that allows you to play a specific selection of content on a continuous loop according to a number of different settings. You can set the specific time delay before and after each sentence, use normal speed or slow recordings, repeat each sentence a certain number of times, and use a random or sequential order. You can also add custom filters, so you only study the exact material you want to.

Total Customisation

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Audio recordings


Words of text

User Reviews

This app is great! The sentences are ordered in a nice way that introduces new words and grammar very gradually, building on the previous sentences. You are supposed to figure it out as you go along with only a few explanations here and there, which feels natural and rewarding.

Have been using this app for a few months now and I'm absolutely LOVING IT. I wish this exact template existed for other languages because it works perfectly for me. I love how each lesson builds on the previous and how I can pick when to reveal pinyin and translation.

Very efficient method of learning. Audio quality is good. Will take you to approximately HSK2, but it will also teach you many higher level words when appropriate. Highly recommend this app to new learners of Chinese. I'm looking forward to seeing more lessons soon!

I learned how to make fun sentences in the first lesson! That's incredible! It's immediately apparent that this is a valuable language learning tool: introduction to new words is fluid and fun, toggling between slow and natural speeds is easy.

I've downloaded a lot of apps to help me improve my Mandarin, but this has got to be my favorite one. The repetitive nature of this app helped me with solidifying the meaning and use of different words, but it wasn't too repetitive to the point where I felt it was tedious.

A ridiculously fantastic app! The audio quality is impeccable, the repetition tool is super helpful, the characters are written in a clear font, and the user interface is simply beautiful and minimalistic.